City Defense
Protect your city. Follow these 10 rules:
RULE 1: Decide who will die, either your Home Group (you, your family, and your city) or the Invader Group (violent protestors).

RULE 2: Learn home defense above or at

RULE 3: Know and follow your city defense laws, which may be different from home defense laws.

RULE 4: Support your police department.

RULE 5: If you have no police department or your police department can’t help you, form your own citizens police department and follow the same laws as the regular police department.

RULE 6: Buy guns and ammunition but KEEP THEM AWAY FROM CHILDREN and get firearm training and and learn gun care and ammunition care.

RULE 7: Protecting a city means that destruction of property is treated the same as killing of a human being. This is because property is necessary for the survival of human beings.

RULE 8: Kill if no other way to protect residents of your city and/or any and all property within the city.

RULE 9: Demand that protestors provide a protest plan (a plan of what the protestors plan to do) and tell the protestors they will be shot in the leg if they protest without providing a protest plan or deviate from the protest plan they provide.

RULE 10: Fire a warning shot then, if a protestor doesn’t stop, shoot the protestor in the leg who has provided no protest plan or is not following their protest plan. Remember, regarding the warning shot, a bullet shot straight up will come down with the same force it left your gun and harm anyone it hits.